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The full story


We all know the moment when you're standing in the store and don't know which hair care product to try next in order to still get that healthy and radiant hair look. And when you want to buy professional hair products, it's a big chunk of your budget these days.


With that thought in mind, my entrepreneurial spirit began to grow and I wanted to do something about that problem. So the idea of launching my own brand of hair care products was born. An own brand with healthy and professional hair products that are affordable and of which you know the real benefits!


So "Just C cosmetics" got the meaning of quality products that give you shiny and healthy hair you can be proud of!


Just C Cosmetics offers a range of hair care products that are free of harsh chemicals, parabens and sulfates. Our products are made with only the highest quality ingredients. Natural botanical extracts and vitamins work to strengthen and nourish the hair, while soothing cleansing ingredients help keep your scalp clean. 


Our mission is to give women the opportunity to make their hair look as beautiful at home as it does in a salon. Just C wants women to feel even more beautiful than they already are with our natural hair care products. Our natural products help you feel good both inside and out. Take care of your hair and let it shine!


Just C believes that we look even more beautiful when we have done our daily haircare routine. This gives us more self-confidence, and every person needs that self-confidence to be the best version of themselves. Let's create a world where everyone feels beautiful and confident ♡.

Korrelig oppervlak

Our core values


All of our hair products are 100% natural. Just C is committed to an organic lifestyle and in this way we also show our love for nature and human health ♡.


Just C is not just another cosmetics brand. Our products are professional hairdressing products that we bring to consumers and that makes us an exclusive brand!


Our professional products are made of the very best quality thanks to the years of experience of our Dutch producers who are experts in their trade!

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